It All Starts with Finding the Right Market

The global logistics industry is vast and profitable if planned effectively. Using search engine optimization on your company website is not enough to grow your business. For continuous success, you will need to find customers. And this is where BABAKI US LLC comes in to support your future. From trade organizations, Chambers of Commerce to embassies, and trade consulates we will do our research for the proper market that fits your company’s interest.

Transport Your Products to Warehouse or Personal Buyer’s Location Directly

Our next step is to focus on logistics — transporting the product to where will be selling it.

We serve as an all-around transport agent for moving cargo, typically from a factory door to another warehouse. Our service saves a lot of time, effort, and anxiety for a very reasonable fee. Based on the information you provide, we will take care of all shipping arrangements, which include, but are not limited to, handling, documentation, arranging insurance, if requested, and determining necessary licenses, permits, quotas, tariffs, and restrictions (country regulations).